Jet Pack School

Want to be a rocketeer? Using a jetpack isn’t easy! You can’t just fire off the thrusters, lean forward to go and expect not to crash. You need to go jet pack school first. Video below.

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Chief Parenting

How much does your child know about the American free enterprise system? At what point do you believe they should start learning about how our country works and the entrepreneurs that help keep so many Americans employed? At Chief Parenting they believe this is an issue that should be taught to them now. After all,

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Fat Brain Coffee: A Children’s Business Cirriculum

FatBrain Coffee is a children’s homeschool business curriculum that teaches children basic business skills. The curriculum has seven scripted and easy-to-follow lessons that will guide a guide the student into starting their own coffee business. The lessons teach sales and marketing techniques, accounting skills, day-to-day business operations, and public relations by starting a coffee business.

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