Energy Costs

One Spark Of An Idea

Every so often an idea comes along that stops you in your tracks. sOccket is an incredible demonstration of the power of a simple idea, of the collision between science and sport, of the application of minds to mending hearts. One part soccer ball, one part portable energy generator, another community builder and finally one

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Electrifying The Fishing Boat Biz

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, if more and more motorists are excited about electric cars, maybe fishermen are ready to trade their outboard motors for battery-powered boats. Frank Jones has wagered $500,000 that they are. His Carolina Electric Boats makes a two-seat boat that looks a bit like a rectangular plastic kiddie pool–its hull is recyclable

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Recurve, a six-year-old construction company in the Bay Area, focuses on energy audits and “home performance retrofits”–that is, making houses use less energy, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. The company is also developing software to help other contractors record, track, and report data on energy savings for clients. Founder Matt Golden says Recurve’s employees help about 30

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Green Depot

Founder and president Sarah Beatty bills Green Depot as the country’s largest green building supplier, with 10 showrooms and 20 warehouses across the Northeast. She says the fast-growing business isn’t expanding merely for the sake of growth, but to make sustainable building products accessible and affordable so they can be easily adopted in standard construction.

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Green Biz: Re:char

Food processors’ byproducts such as rice hulls, nut shells, and other waste are normally trashed. But Jason Aramburu, Chief Executive Officer of re:char, sees it all as an untapped source of cooking fuel and fertilizer, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. His company designs and builds equipment to make biochar–a type of charcoal that retains moisture in soil–and

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