We Are Almost Energy Independent

Don’t believe the naysayers. Energy independence is almost here. The infographic is via Bloomberg Business Week who add: New drilling techniques unlocked vast reserves unreachable just a few years ago. Oil and natural gas production in the U.S. is increasing at its fastest rate in 50 years, while imports from OPEC have been cut by […]

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Inventor Awarded For Sea Snake

Ieee Spectrum: Yemm invented the so-called “sea snake” while working on his doctoral degree at the University of Edinburgh. To this point, his company has achieved several firsts. In addition to the breakthrough of generating electric power that was routed through an undersea cable to the Portuguese coastal town of Aguçadoura, Pelamis is still the

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Sugar Batteries: Coming Soon

Dvice: Lithium, the element that is often used as a medication to battle bi-polar disorder and to power most laptop and phone batteries, is not the most ubiquitous element on the planet. Hence the price of our batteries. Japanese researchers, though, may have discovered a way to use sugar to power batteries. Photo by ubiquity_zh.

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