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Entrepreneurs Adding Side Bizs

Harmony Kaiser has a salon, but has been spending her days off driving to a lab in Beaver County and making deliveries to retailers, reports The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Kaiser is ignoring the economic downturn and pouring her extra funds and time into launching new businesses on the side, even as she keeps her day job.

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Twitter For Entrepreneurs

Toronto-based Sprouter is an online community that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to share links, ask questions and share expertise with their peers, reports trendspotter Springwise. Whereas most social networks focus on connecting users with people they already know, the premise behind Sprouter is that it’s often the people one hasn’t yet connected with–but

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Lessons Learned From Poker

In business, as in poker, sometimes you have to know when to fold ’em. So says serial entrepreneur and blogger Eric Ries on GigaOM. Ries takes the lessons he’s learned from watching the World Series of Poker and explains how entrepreneurs and poker players share many of the same qualities. Namely, “Both rely on acting

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