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Nine Types of Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are supposed to be outgoing, risk-taking workaholics. But there are actually nine different types of entrepreneurs, each with their own style and interests, allowing more of us the chance to enjoy the joy of entrepreneur’ing: 1. Adviser: Some entrepreneurs are paid for giving advice, such as lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers. 2. Administrator/Organizer: […]

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Fat Brain Coffee: A Children’s Business Cirriculum

FatBrain Coffee is a children’s homeschool business curriculum that teaches children basic business skills. The curriculum has seven scripted and easy-to-follow lessons that will guide a guide the student into starting their own coffee business. The lessons teach sales and marketing techniques, accounting skills, day-to-day business operations, and public relations by starting a coffee business.

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Bill Gates A Failure?

There’s definitely a stigma against failure — so much so that many people are held back by fear of it — but even Bill Gates’s first company was a failure: Traf-O-Data, now a partnership between Gates, Allen, and Gilbert, needed a professional paper tape reader. Gates used $3,400 of his own money to purchase an

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