How To Mobilize Your Network

photo credit: William Hook Even though social media is becoming more and more relevant everywhere you look today, many business owners still feel it is important to put a face with a name whether you put a profile picture on your website or still manage to meet your clients and customers in person. People still

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Free Advertising Solutions

  photo credit: chaps1 In business today it is sometimes tough balancing the many sectors of our companies. Often times too much attention is paid to a few sectors that we consider important while the others are neglected. The problem with this is that ALL sectors of our companies are important, especially that of advertising.

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Mid-Market Innovators

Mid-Market Innovators is a new site brought to you by Sun Microsystems and Intel that I’m participating in. It is a site for mid-market IT pros that offers advice from leading authors in business and technology on how to align your business and IT strategies to save money, plan for growth and foster innovation. In

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