Silly Bandz Fad Fades

Don’t tell Santa, but the national infatuation with Silly Bandz and other shaped, silicone bands that were America’s hottest fad in 2010, seems to have snapped. USA Today reports that with Christmas just days away, many retailers say they have cut way back on the number of bands they carry and some have stopped selling

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Silly Bandz Has ‘Legs’

We first told you about them back in March. Silly Bandz are rubber bands, often in neon colors, that are shaped like everyday objects: a guitar, a baseball bat, a princess. Unlike the beige round elastics stashed in your desk drawer, these are meant to be worn on the wrist, and they snap back into

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Wham-O CEO Talks Toy Fads

When a toy fad goes cold, make sure you’ve already explored the next big trend, says Wham-O CEO Kyle Aguilar. Bloomberg BusinessWeek recently sat down with Aguilar and asked him about toy fads. What is the life span of a hot toy? It can last decades or just a season. Sometimes a product has its

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Silly Bandz Have Lots Of Fanz

According to a story in The Tampa Tribune, area schoolchildren are flocking to Walgreens stores in droves – but not for vaccinations. The draw is a must-have bracelet. And a Walgreens manager says the store is doing everything it can to keep up with the demand. Silly Bandz, multicolored silicone bracelets, come in a variety

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