Start Your Own Online Fashion Boutique Kitsy Lane

Kitsy Lane is the first and only social commerce platform that enables anyone to open their own fashion boutique—from college students and stay-at-home moms, to fashion bloggers, stylists, celebrities, and even the fashionista next-door—as the Kitsy Lane Platform harnesses the power of their social networks to sell exclusive pieces from emerging jewelry and accessories designers.

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Mobile Niche Biz: Fashion

CNBC: The first time the brakes went out in her trailer/store, Joey Wolffer ran a stoplight and worried what would happen to her high-end accessories inside. Two years later, she has a close relationship with a mechanic, knows the best spot to park in New York’s Meatpacking district and has a devoted summer following in

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A Mobile Fashion Boutique

Stillwater Gazette: David and Teresa Grim have brought a coastal craze to Stillwater with their shop The Fashion Mobile. The new business by the Grims, who formerly owned Doozie Chic Boutique in downtown Stillwater, is aimed at making fashion fun and bringing friends together for an evening. The Grims began their new business just over

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In China, Men Carry the Purse

If Chinese businessmen are harbingers of fashion and style, get ready to sell a ton of purses! Hip Chinese men are now toting expensive purses that previously were exclusively the domain of women. The 41-year-old investor was dressed in the unofficial uniform of Chinese businessmen: dark blazer, crisp white shirt, designer slacks, silky tan socks,

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Anti-Paparazzi Bag

CNET News: If I were a popular Hollywood celebrity, chances are the paparazzi would be staking out my house and jotting down notes on what I had for lunch. Alas for commoners like me, Adam Harvey’s invention won’t do much. Harvey, a New York University graduate, conceived a fashion bag that can help scandal-stricken stars

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Niche Classifieds For Sneakerheads

Springwise: Dozens of online and print sources are devoted to the subculture of special sneakers. Equal parts community and classifieds site, SneakerListing is a new destination for enthusiasts to buy and sell limited edition footwear. Anyone can sign up for the free service by providing a valid email address, their shoe size and favourite brand.

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