Flower Pots from Manure

A herd of dairy farmers were having dinner one evening when someone wondered aloud if there wasn’t something that they could do with all of the bovine excrement. In jest, someone else asked, “Can’t you guys make a flowerpot or something with the stuff?” Those were fateful words for brothers Ben and Matthew Freund, second-generation

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Niche: Rainbow Roses

Are you a florist? Do you need a product to differentiate you from all of the other flower shops in your community? Have you heard about rainbow roses? Rainbow roses, the brainchild of Dutch flower shop owner Peter Van de Werken, are colorful roses that are made by injecting die into the stem of the

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The Beekeeper Next Door

The New York Times reports that Mike Barrett does not have much of a yard at his two-story row house in Astoria, Queens. But that fact has not kept him from his new hobby of beekeeping – he put the hive on his roof. When it was harvest time this fall, he just tied ropes

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The Moses Miracle

David Hartstein is betting on an innovation he calls the Moses Miracle in an attempt to reinvent his privately held Brookline flower company. The Boston Globe reports that the Moses Miracle doesn’t seem like much of a technology stretch. At first glance, it looks like a glorified water balloon that has been tightly cinched around

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Talking Floral Bouquets

Springwise: Greeting cards that talk or play music have been around for a while now, so it seems natural to see those capabilities extended to the floral bouquet. Sure enough, global florist FTD has just released a line of floral arrangements that deliver a spoken message along with the flowers. FTD’s Say It Your Way

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