Making Beauty Products at Home

Cassandra Daily: A collaboration between Parisian industrial design firm Eliumstudio and German appliance company Rowenta, the Naturalis lets users make beauty products right at home, using all-natural, easily-accessible ingredients. Emulsion technology, which has been in the headlines a lot lately, is implemented to turn out creams, balms and other skincare products that one can apply

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French Village for Sale

Telegraph: Courbefy, in the Limousin region, comes complete with 19 buildings and a swimming pool and at one time had a population of around 200, although it is now largely deserted. Prospective buyers have until Friday to put in a bid for the village, which is less than 30 miles from Limoges. In the 1990s,

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Luxury Photo Booths in France

When you think of photo booths, you think of young lovers kissing under the harsh flash, or passport photos, or kids making silly faces, but what you don’t think is luxury. Harcourt, is a famous Parisian photographic studio. At Cannes, last year, they introduced their first luxury photo booth. For 10 euros the machine creates

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Groupon Style Home Buying

Maisonia Deal is a group buying program (think Groupon) for building a new home in France. By negotiating on behalf of groups of individuals planning to build a new home, Maisonia Deal promises that it can save buyers as much as 30%. The system works like this: You choose one of their builders to construct

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