Cards On Dice

It took a lot of hard work and patience, but Square Shooters has finally been taken off the ice and released on dice reports Created by Carmelyn Calvert of Eldred with help from her best friend and business partner, Paula Johnson of Nutwood, the inventors call the game the “first deck of cards on

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Catching The Board Game Wave

Jeff Cicatko has always amused himself by making board games. His father even told him that he should make a living doing it when he grew up, reports After a stint in the insurance business, he created a new game revolving around competitive surfing – just in time for the Christmas shopping season. Called

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Learn To Make Video Games

Sure, you love video games, but how’d you like a chance to make them? According to, training site GameSpark has launched a new online program that lets video game fans make their own games at home. The program features video tutorials and game-ready resources, letting anyone quickly create decent-looking games. The site currently has

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