Steam Cleaning Trash Cans

Steam & Clean, is a new business in Redmond, Washington that steam cleans trash cans, windows, driveways and holding tanks. The Seattle Times has more: Emily Wiewiorka, the company founder and president, said the business is going well and expanding as she finds new uses for her system. One company recently told her they had

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A Clever Little Enterprise

According to some enterprising chap in New York has turned a simple plastic food replica into a potential money maker. The Seat Savers concept comes from a simple idea. People won’t disturb or use a chair with a spilled beverage or foodstuff on it. Martin Freedman, the Regional Sales Manager of “Seat Savers” outside

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Garbage Bins Get Refreshed

The smell of wheeled garbage bins was bothering Daniel Woolman so he decided to do something about it reports the Telegraph. Woolman, 27, invented Binifresh, a device that sits permanently inside the bin and every four hours releases a spray that kills bacteria and germs and eradicates odours. Now Binifresh – complete with UK and

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