The Art Of Goal Setting

photo credit: Paulo Brandão Most of us have a long list of goals that we set for ourselves every year, especially in our business adventures. However, most of us don’t quite know how to go about setting goals in such a way that we can actually reach them, before we know it the goal is

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Getting More Referrals

photo credit: *Zara If you’re doing good work, have products that people enjoy, and provide a service and experience that exceeds expectation, chances are, your business is benefiting from word of mouth referrals. While this occasional lead generation windfall may be great, there are things you can do to shine a light on referral generation

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Critical Employee Reviews

photo credit: linh.ngân I recently came across an article on Entrepreneur.com regarding how important employee reviews are to your company and I couldn’t agree with more. Employee reviews today are more important now then they ever have been before with such a huge pool of unemployed people out there. Your annual reviews serve several purposes

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Pillars Of Business Endurance

photo credit: Torley Systematize the Best Solutions. Once you’ve chosen the BEST solutions, create a system that solves them forever, so they don’t come up again or that anyone is able to fix them. Create so many systems that it makes people cringe. That’s organization. I recently came across a great article on Sentiment Of

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What Makes A Good Manager?

photo credit: Stéfan I’ve never been much of a manager myself. That’s no big deal, of course; lots of people aren’t managers. In my case, though, people expected me to be, because I’ve had a lifetime of successful entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurship and management are different things. Stated on BPlans.com. I recently read over Tim Berry’s

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Win Your Customers For Free

photo credit: davitydave All business owners are constantly trying to find better, easier, and cost effective ways for obtaining more customers and thus increasing their profits greatly. I recently came across an article on Small Biz Bee that listed some ways to win more customers for free! Charities. Name Tags. Freebies. Better voicemails and voicemail

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