Building A Better Robot

Last century people worked to build a better mouse trap. This century, the goal is to build a better robot. That is the mission Chunghsin Lee is on with his latest creation, the robotic golf caddy. I prefer to walk, and know a lot of other people who prefer to walk,’’ said Lee, an avid

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Golf Pro Saves Money, and Par

MyFoxTampaBay: Steve Pitts is stepping up, working hand-in-hand with local golf course owners to save their game. His new business model is shaping the way local owners do business. Local pro shops are failing to compete with high volume sport stores, so Pitts came up with the idea to front the bill by outfitting the

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Niche Golfing: VozTee

Do you know the exact angle of your golf head path? That is the line used by VozTee to get customers to give them a second look. After all, their unique device will answer that question for you, reports MarketWatch. The VozTee is a high-tech, interactive golf training and practice device that is also fun

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