What You Can Learn From Google

Google is well-known for the way they treat their employees. While the average business cannot afford to feed their employees three meals a day, among other benefits, USA Today does have some ideas your small business can learn from them. Launch and iterate. Even the smartest of the hyper-educated Google leaders cannot predict which products

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The Future of the Car

100 years ago, Henry Ford perfected the mass-produced car. According to The Economist the next decade will see changes to our society and culture that will be more dramatic than those that Ford’s business created. If and when cars go completely driverless—for those who want this—the benefits will be enormous. Google gave a taste by

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WhatRunsWhere Ad Tracking Tool For Google

WhatRunsWhere, the year-old service that enables advertisers and ad agencies to track competitors’ online and mobile ad campaigns, has launched WhatRunsWhere Advantage, a stand-alone service dedicated to tracking ads across the Google Display Network, which allows smaller businesses to create and place ads across thousands of websites worldwide. The new service is being offered at

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Google’s New Role In Gadgets

The Wall Street Journal: Google’s new Nexus Q home-entertainment device—a black orb, looking somewhat like a Magic 8-ball— was internally designed and will be manufactured in the U.S., a departure from recent industry norms in consumer electronics. It is designed to stream music and videos from Google’s YouTube video service and its Play service and

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