A Slow Growing Eco-Lawn

CNN Money: It’s hard to imagine anything more innocuous than a lush suburban lawn. That’s what 63-year-old entrepreneur Jackson Madnick used to think — until a golf course killed his cat. His cat, Kitty, sickened and died 14 years ago. A groundskeeper at the nearby links told Madnick that many local animals had been dying

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BedBug Chasers Now Franchising

BedBug Chasers provides a 100% green and chemical free system for eliminating bedbugs using heat. According to a press release they just sent over, they’re franchising. Franchise info is here. BedBug Chasers, a World Class provider of heat remediation services and manufacturer of US made bed bug heat remediation equipment is franchising its service business.

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Going Green In 2012

With the start of a new year, it couldn’t hurt to take a few new steps with your company. One of those steps should include making your business more eco-friendly. 1. Recycle: According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, for each pound of aluminum recovered, Americans save the energy resources necessary to generate roughly 7.5

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