Building A Better Syringe

When Christopher Hillios sat down to create a new type of syringe, his purpose was very personal reports The Republican. The Southampton resident was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2000, and his doctor told him he would need to start injecting himself with insulin at home every day. But Hillios, now 65, said his fear […]

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Chicken Soup + Nursing

When a child is too sick to go to day care or school, working parents often have little choice but to stay home and miss work themselves. Not so for those who live in and around Kennewick, Washington, however, where a new company offers bed rest and supervised nursing care for kids with low-level but

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Candy That Fights Cavities

Science Daily: Dr. Kleinberg discovered how saliva’s chemistry helps teeth neutralize the acidity created from eating food by balancing the pH levels in the mouth. “[It’s] like if you’ve got a swimming pool,” Dr. Kleinberg said. “You have got to get the pH right. If you’ve got a neutral pH, you’ve got the ideal condition.”

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Childcare For Sick Kids

If your child is home sick, what do you do? For some it means calling in to work and staying home that day but it’s not always that simple. Jean Kimerling was wondering the same thing one day. When her own children were young she had the option to stay home with them, yet she

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