Niche: Arrow Ballistics

The bow and arrow may not be the most common weapon used today, but it is still a popular niche for business. Enthusiasts enjoy the sport of hunting or simply using their favorite bow for target practice. Velocitip is counting on it, reports Boston Herald. “You put the device on the arrow to collect flight […]

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Auto Targeting Rifle

Extreme Tech: At CES 2013, thanks to a company called TrackingPoint, hunting rifles can now be considered a piece of consumer electronics. Starting at $17,000, TrackingPoint is launching a range of Precision Guided Firearms (PGFs) that use a Linux-powered scope and other advanced technologies to provide shooters with real-world auto-aim. Rather than looking directly down

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Rhino Hunting Saved the Rhino

In 1900, the southern white rhinoceros was the most endangered of the five rhinoceros species. Fewer than 20 rhinos remained in a single reserve in South Africa. By 2010, white rhino numbers had climbed to more than 20,000, making it the most common rhino species on the planet. Saving African Rhinos: A Market Success Story:

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