Your Priority List

photo credit: sunshinecity I recently read an article posted on Seth’s blog regarding business priority lists. It is shocking how some have one but they are short and incomplete, as well as some that do not even make priority lists all together. Maybe this is why many of us from day to day feel overwhelmed

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Myths About Marketing

photo credit: Eddi 07 With marketing becoming such a huge part of business more and more everyday, and the number of different ways to market your business today via traditional marketing, online marketing and more it is no wonder that there are some ideas floating around that have people confused over marketing concepts and strategies.

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Being An Entrepreneur

photo credit: kristafurry So you have decided to take the step out of your 9-5 job and become an entrepreneur. First, congratulations on your new venture. Second, there are some things about being an entrepreneur that you should know and realize what you are about to get yourself into. Being an entrepreneur means loving day

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