The Golden Age Of Coffee Lids

< p style=”text-align: center;”> According to Bloomberg Businessweek, we are living in the golden age of coffee lid design. The breakthrough lid, Solo Cup’s Traveler model, made its debut in 1986 and is now part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent design collection. “Initially the Traveler lids were a tough sell, on account of […]

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Tanning In Your Pool

Cheri Garcia started with an idea. How do you enjoy a beautiful day floating in the pool while getting the best tan possible? So, she created an inflatable device, called Luminous Envy, which enhances the tanning experience. According to NBC DFW, she is getting ready to team up with a hotel chain to get her

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The Baby Bottle Bib

There are bibs for messy babies, but what about drippy bottles? Previously, the solution might have been to toss the bottle and buy something different, but not anymore. Michelle Cloney was getting tired of the bottles dripping onto her daughter while she ate. Those little drips would made her daughter wet and sticky. Besides this

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