Tracking Food Temp Wirelessly

How much time did you spend next to the grill the last time you cooked some meat? Getting the temperature right, not overcooking or under cooking the food can be tricky if you get distracted. Christopher Allen wanted to mingle with guests, or simply walk away from the food without having to worry. According to

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Printing On Furniture

A new company, Lumi Co, has created a unique printing process that makes it possible to print images on natural materials. According to Inventor Spot, this eco-friendly technique is called the Lumi Process. The engineers of the Lumi Process are Art Center College of Design students Jesse Genet (the inventor) age 23, and Stephan Angoulvant

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Turning Up The Heat On Bedbugs

Where there is a problem, there is often an opportunity. Mike Frye found his opportunity in the killing of bedbugs. According to RTOHQ, he has created a cost effective solution to help manage bedbud infestations called the Bug Out Thermal Extermination System. “I began researching and found the heated trailers, the kind that super heat

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Gardening Off The Wall

Lu Chia-you’s father could no longer bend down like he once could. As a result, he was not able to tend his plants. So Lu created a product that would help his father garden again reports Taiwan Today. His new gadget, Lu said, gives people who have no space to grow vegetables or flowers in

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