Air-Powered Phone Charger

NewsMax: Lammoglia’s AIRE mask, which harnesses the wind power from breathing, “contains tiny wind turbines and the energy created is transferred through a cable to your electronic device,” the Mail reports. “I hope to bring the concept into production and reduce the carbon footprint,” Lammoglia told the Mail. “It can be used indoors or outdoors,

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The Basics Of Inventing

When we look at all the fancy inventions people have come up with over the years, sometimes we forget to consider where many of these people got their start. It is often a problem in need of a simple solution that gets the creative juices flowing. Don Schendel would know. His latest invention, a 15

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Plugging A Molasses Leak

Agro Co-op was facing a serious problem. Before having their molasses tank filled, there were no apparent leaks. After it was filled, it wouldn’t stop leaking. Worried about how they were going to get the mess under control, they called a local inventor — Glen Cox. Glen is the president of Zengo Inc., and he

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