More Inventors Surfacing In UK

BBC News: Britons have risen to the economic challenges of recent recession by becoming more prolific inventors, a random survey of 2,000 Britons shows. A third of respondents claimed that the recession has increased the amount they were coming up with inventions and innovative, money-saving solutions. A third of those with a bright idea were

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The Rifle From Bourne

Sometimes your latest creation will help millions of people, and sometimes a little product placement in a movie will make millions believe they want it. One inventor has been lucky enough to get his gun placed in the latest Bourne movie, reports Redlands Daily Facts. The long-range, bolt-action rifle that Jeremy Renner’s character “Aaron Cross”

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CEOs And Their Patents

Forbes: A recent exploration of the U.S. Patent Office’s searchable database unearths a wide range of patents held by big-name tech chiefs. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has one. Oracle’s Larry Ellison has four, Google’s Larry Page has six, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has nine. The late Steve Jobs won more than 300 patents during his lifetime

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Electric Football Inventor Passes

The Washington Post: Norman A. Sas, 87, who invented a buzzing, vibrating tabletop game called Tudor Electric Football, a wildly popular and long-enduring simulation of professional football action, died June 28 at his home in Vero Beach, Fla. With an electric motor and a sheet of metal, Mr. Sas devised a game that enthralled millions,

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