Selling Irish Dirt

After being regularly asked to bring a handful of Irish dirt over to the United States for various funerals for old friends from the Emerald Isle, Pat Burke started the Auld Sod Exporting Company and started selling bags of the native Irish soil. Now you to can be buried, if not on, but in a […]

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Using Rattlesnakes Fight Cancer

Popular Science: An Irish company is using four American diamondback rattlesnakes in a new clinical trial that will test snake venom as a treatment for cancer. The snakes, which hail from the Albuquerque BioPark, will be allowed to bite something and have their venom extracted humanely. The venom contains proteins that will be extracted and

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European Bankruptcy “Tourism”

Guardian: A solicitor in Leicester has helped Irish clients escape more than €1bn (£798m) of debt by taking advantage of a booming trade in “bankruptcy tourism”. Data seen by the Guardian reveal Steve Thatcher, who runs the new advisory service boasts at least 55 clients in the process of clearing some €1.2bn by using

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