3D Mask of Your Own Face

Techcrunch: If you’ve ever dreamed of getting a super-realistic replica of your face for whatever reason, here’s your chance: a Japanese company called REAL-f [JP] is creating so-called 3DPFs (“3 Dimension Photo Forms”), copies of human faces “in 3D”. The startup offers two versions, a mask type replica and the so-called mannequin type, a replica

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Pizza Sized Burgers

The “Pizza-Size Burger,” a new hamburger available at Burger King Japan take is almost 9 inches in diameter. It’s topped with four overlapping Whopper patties. According to Inventor Spot you can “order the Pizza-Size Burger in two different styles, though both styles are served in an odd “half & half” format with one half featuring

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Artificial Tooth Enamel

AFP: Scientists in Japan have created a microscopically thin film that can coat individual teeth to prevent decay or to make them appear whiter, the chief researcher said. The “tooth patch” is a hard-wearing and ultra-flexible material made from hydroxyapatite, the main mineral in tooth enamel, that could also mean an end to sensitive teeth.

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New Biz in Japan: Ear Cleaning

Five years ago, the Japanese government deregulated ear cleaning, removing the requirement that the cleaner have a medical license. Since then a new type of business sprung up in Tokyo and other big cities: ear-cleaning parlors: The basic service at Yamamoto Mimikaki-ten lasts 30 minutes and costs ¥2,700 (about US$32). The customer is first introduced

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Cat Cafes in Japan

In Japan, in addition to your coffee, at some cafes you can play with a cat. There are around 100 cat cafés in Japan many of which have particular type of cats, such as black cats, fat cats or rare breed cats. These special cafés with furry patrons are especially popular as dating spots but

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Dental Niche: Vampire Teeth

Inventor Spot: The latest cosmetic dentistry trend out of Japan is “Yaeba”: Vampire Teeth. Dental Salon Plaisir, located in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district, specializes in this cosmetic procedure that lengthens, sharpens and enhances one’s canines to fang-tastic proportions. Dr. Yoko Kashiyama and her staff offer Vampire Teeth as just one of their many diagnostic, hygienic

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