Print Your Own Silver Jewelry

VentrureBeat reports that Shapeways allows users to design and print objects using a 3D printer. The company just added silver to its range of materials. Objects could previously be printed in glass, steel, plastic and a high-performance composite that hardens like a cement to produce full-color objects. To print an object, users either use 3D

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Build-Your-Own Locket Design

Young teens are usually spending time with friends or thinking of boys, but Isabella Weems was already running her own business. She is the proud owner of Origami Owl, a business that sells personalized lockets and charms. Her business began when she decided she wanted a white pickup truck like her friend had, reports The

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Divorce Rings?

Even though divorce rates have been dropping, we still have divorce ceremonies and other ridiculous ways to spend money to celebrate something that shouldn’t be celebrated. Newly added to the mix: a divorce ring. The 18K gold ring from Spritzer and Furman is the shape of a broken heart. It will set you back $3,200.

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