Laws and Regulations

Battling Big Business

Michael Powell faced a fear many low budget inventors encounter, and he won. In this case, he tackled Home Depots theft of his invention, and he won a generous settlement. It’s been seven years since he showed Home Depot officials a saw guard he invented that allowed it to continue to cut lumber for its […]

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Offering Paid Sick Leave

Some companies offer their employees paid sick leave as a part of their benefits. However, should small businesses be required to pay for sick leave when their employees need time off? That is a part of the debate happening in Seattle between the city and small biz owners. Under a Seattle City Council proposal, Proios

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UK Clamping Down On Misleading Ads

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received over 3,500 complaints in regards to online ads. However, the watchdog could not do anything about most of them. That is about to change, though. The ASA rules have changed, and they can now police over all misleading marketing messages, including website and social networking promotions, reports The Telegraph.

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