Never Mix Family with Business

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography When going into business with a family member, there are some good points, but then on the other hand there are many bad points to doing business with family that often times result in the dissolving of the business. Below are the top reasons why it is recommended that you […]

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Sell Your Know How

Since free information is abundant, finding a way to sell knowledge or monetize content can be a challenge, reports trendspotter Springwise. Los Angeles start-up Knowledge Genie aims to offer a solution, allowing users to centralize their knowledge on a particular topic and present it in a customizable, tutorial-style package–a ‘Knowledge Genie’–that can be shared for

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Learn To Make Video Games

Sure, you love video games, but how’d you like a chance to make them? According to AppScout.com, training site GameSpark has launched a new online program that lets video game fans make their own games at home. The program features video tutorials and game-ready resources, letting anyone quickly create decent-looking games. The site currently has

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Cool Invention: The “Clicker”

The clicker is a “personal response device,” a small electronic gadget about the size of a slim calculator. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the trendy, high-tech learning tool, used to take attendance, poll student opinion, and administer quizzes, is taking hold on campuses across the country, with an estimated two million college students now using them,

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Innovation Can Be Learned

According to VentureBeat, most people think of innovation as a “Eureka!” moment — or something that comes from hours upon hours of tinkering. But Josh Makower, CEO of ExploraMed, argues that innovation is a skill that can be taught in this Entrepreneur Thought Leader lecture given at Stanford University. By studying what propels innovation, he

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Off To A Strong Start

photo credit: Matt loves kicks As a new business person, it is vital that you realize how important your start up is to your company. The first impression and how strong you come out of the gate is very important to your businesses future. Below are a few tips on how you can start off

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