25 Best Habits to Have in Life

Source: We are creatures of habit. Everything we think, say and do is a result of deep-seated habits etched into our minds through years and years of repitious behavior. Those very same habits either help to propel us forward or to hinder our progress in life. In fact, the state and quality of our lives […]

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Urawaza To The Rescue

Behind the cash register at Smoke Shop No. 2 in downtown San Francisco, Sam Azar swipes a customer’s credit card to ring up cigarettes. The store’s card reader fails to scan the card’s magnetic strip. Azar swipes again, and again. No luck. As customers begin to queue, he reaches beneath the counter for a black

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What Have We Done In 40 Years?

Before 1970, when the first Earth Day occurred, no federal laws barred companies from releasing toxic chemicals into the air and water. Today, that seems almost difficult to imagine. As people celebrate Earth Day’s 40 anniversary today, USA TODAY takes a look backward and shows how much environmental progress has occurred. In the animated video,

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