Friendly Start-Up Franchises

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Despite the very grim looking economy, there are still many start-up opportunities that are doing well during this grim time in our economy. Below are a few of these start-up examples recently located on Entrepreneur.com. Entrepreneurs providing landscaping services can start small and dream big, with start-up costs as low

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Stickers For Advertising

photo credit: luis perez In business we are always trying to come up with cool new ways to advertise, ways that catch peoples attention and save us money in the process. We all know that one of the best ways to advertise is by word of mouth. It travels fast and very effectively. One way

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Learn To Travel Cheaper

photo credit: lrargerich If you travel a great deal for your business or even just a few times a year then you now how expensive this can be, after you put together all the air fair, food, gas if you drive, renting a car, taxi cab fees, dry cleaning services, tips and more it adds

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Money Saving Tips

photo credit: Ken Wilcox. In business and even life in general we are always looking for new ways to cut down on costs and save some more moeny. This is especially true today in our troubled economy, we could all use money saving ideas right now. Below are a few tips on saving money that

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