Protect Yourself During Layoffs

photo credit: furryscaly I recently came upon an article located on regarding ways that employers can protect themselves during layoffs and keep their company out of a law suit. I have to disagree with many thing’s that are stated in this article as it almost sounds like they are attacking employees and portraying employers to […]

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Hiring The Right Person

photo credit: yummiec00kies Many managers and business owners today find hiring new people to be more of a hassle than they have time for. With so many out of work people at the moment, one ad in the paper brings in a ton of people wanting that ONE job for themselves. So to help out

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How To Handle Difficult Employees

photo credit: mackenzienicole These difficult people harass you and others, ask too many self-explanatory questions, neglect details, distract you and repeatedly challenge you and others. Even worse, when they interact with customers, vendors and people lower than them on the corporate hierarchy, they can be grouchy, impolite, condescending, uninformed, misleading, inappropriate or simply wrong. Do

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Manage Effectively

photo credit: lumaxart As managers and owners, we all try to find the best and easiest ways to manage our team, because lets face it, when we manage effectively it ultimately produces higher productivity and thus creating higher revenue volumes. A recent Gallup study showed there are four ways to manage effectively. ●Focus on your

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Mistakes Managers Make

photo credit: Pop!Tech As managers it is often found that they mis communicate to their employees, meaning they speak what they shouldn’t, they keep vital information to their selves or they just simply assume or say the wrong thing all together. Being in the position of manager is a very important role that requires you

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Keeping Your Employees Engaged

photo credit: Iain Farrell Marshall Goldsmith recently did an article on ways to improve the level of engagement from your employees during difficult times. With the way business and the economy is doing right now, it is very critical to keep your employees as engaged as you can. The biggest piece of advice is communication. This can

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