Party Planning on Steroids: Strategies for an Event to Make Your Business the Talk of the Town

Hopefully, if you have launched a new business, you are planning to host a launch event to get your brand name out there. It’s a great way to meet new customers and to celebrate the start of your new enterprise. However, getting one of these events right does take a little planning.

It will be fun but there can also be a lot involved so you will need to stay organized. Keep in mind that you will not only be planning your event, but promoting it too. You will want to make a list to ensure you have not forgotten anything.

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Anti-Paparazzi Bag

CNET News: If I were a popular Hollywood celebrity, chances are the paparazzi would be staking out my house and jotting down notes on what I had for lunch. Alas for commoners like me, Adam Harvey’s invention won’t do much. Harvey, a New York University graduate, conceived a fashion bag that can help scandal-stricken stars

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Score Press Coverage

The Young Entrepreneur Council, an advocacy group that works to overcome youth unemployment by teaching young people how to build successful companies got together to answer this question. The council’s members include Generation Y entrepreneurs and experts in a variety of fields. Aaron Patzer, founder of Hire an expert.If you’re sure that what you’re

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Turn News Events Into Publicity

The best PR programs often leverage a company’s best assets, its subject matter experts, by seizing and capitalizing on the news of the day. Aaron Kwittken at Entrepreneur calls this Carpe Diem PR. Absent new company developments, the key for any company is to secure frequent, meaningful media mentions and buzz, by finding natural ways

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CBS Benches Jack Benny

TechDirt is reporting that last week the International Jack Benny Fan Club got some very bad news. Rather than allow the club with the Benny family’s enthusiastic blessing to digitally preserve some unreleased public domain Benny show masters that CBS has in its possession, the network is giving a thumbs down to the idea —

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Social Media Keys For 2010

photo credit: pfala With the new year comes new technology, marketing, advertising and yes…social media techniques. Look below for some great keys to this new years social media success. Start observing and researching more this new year. Start paying attention to what your customers are saying to your prospect customers, this information comes in handy

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