Buzzwords Of 2009

Catchphrases and buzzwords can tell us much about a year past – what resonated, what stuck, what the year revealed about the sensibility of the nation, whether you’re a wise Latina woman, a mini-Madoff, a teabagger or Balloon Boy, reports The New York Times. But if ever there were a year to put buzzwords before

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What Will We Call The New Decade?

Blame “the media” if you want. But come January 1, we’ll dump the “two-thousands,” and we’ll get cozy with the “twenty-tens.” So say the language mavens, reports The Plain Dealer. In 2000, there were “uncertainties,” said David Crystal of the Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language, so we ignored the example of 1900 (“nineteen-hundred”), and

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Small Biz Owners Will Miss Oprah

Oprah Winfrey created bestsellers with her book club, and she has certainly helped turn some people into major stars, but she has also done a lot for small businesses as well, reports AOL Small Business. Over the years, Oprah has mentioned favorite products of hers, while beleaguered but grateful CEOs have then done everything they

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Realities Of Social Media

photo credit: lotopspin Copyblogger: You don’t get to opt out. Businesses that think they can ignore all this “Twitter stupidity” tend to get painfully rude awakenings. The conversation will happen with or without you. You definitely don’t need to respond to every chuckle head with a Facebook account (and you shouldn’t), but you need to

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Biz Tool: FiltrBox

Small Business Computing has a great review of a free biz tool. If you currently use Google alerts as a research tool or to be notified whenever your business is mentioned online, then you’ll love It’s kind of like Google Alerts on steroids. Now the downside to Google Alerts is that it only gives

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