How Birds Barbershops is Different

Entrepreneur on Birds Barbershop: To build trust through branding, says Karen Post, a Tampa, Fla.–based consultant and the author of Brand Turnaround, an entrepreneur must establish a distinct identity. Portman and Rapaport did this by offering standard haircuts at below-market prices—$19 for men, $39 for women—and keeping salons open seven days a week. (“Every salon

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ReInventing Boxer Shorts

The idea is similar to reinventing the mouse trap, except the concept has worked out well for Max Hernandez. The dual vent fly he created makes his boxers stand out from the crowd. According to the inventor, there have been no significant improvements in fly manufacturing in 80 years. “The functionality of the traditional fly

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Niche: Suits For Short Men

First there was the big and tall, now there are options for the height challenged. Jimmy Au may have started out as an accidental entrepreneur, but now he provides suits to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. “My professor was my first customer, and I made $400 with 40 orders, so I told myself

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Niche Biz: ManCans

Just walk down the candle isle, and it quickly becomes obvious the market they are trying to reach. Women are traditionally known to burn and enjoy the scent of candles. However, what about men? It was that question which lead a 13 year old boy to start his own candle company. “It started out as

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Door-To-Door For Men’s Clothes

The Wall Street Journal: Somewhere in Dallas, there’s a woman driving around in a $1,000-a-month Lexus selling J. Hilburn dress shirts. She’s one of more than 1,000 commission-based “style advisors,” J. Hilburn LLC’s traveling band of fabric swatch carrying, collar-and-cuff experts that are expected to push the company’s revenue to around $25 million this year.

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Clothing For The Tall Man

When clothing comes with the label tall, it is usually assumed that big is also necessary. However, that is not the case. Mark Tindall couldn’t understand why companies would sell clothing for tall men that would only fit big men as well. It might have been the right length, but the bagginess of the clothing

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