3 Mentoring Mistakes

A mentorship is crucial to the growth of a new entrepreneur. There is a lot they do not know, and a mentor can help. Gigaom recently discussed a few mistakes that new entrepreneurs make with their mentor. Take yourself out of the running before you’re in the running Some pre-preneurs take themselves out of the

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Valuable Tips, For Free

CitySquares Online Inc. saw sales start to decline dramatically in late 2008 as some of the local-search-engine provider’s customers could no longer afford its advertising services writes The Wall Street Journal. So the small business turned to its board of six volunteer advisers–experts in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and venture capital–who suggested

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Lean On Your Advisors

Entrepreneur: There are many ways to get access to the expertise you may need. The bad news is that just the process of managing your advisors and advice can be a challenge, especially when the advice you get from one expert conflicts with that given by another. However, the most critical mark of a good

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Are You Paying It Forward?

Kim Beasley at bizzia: Helping a fellow business owner can be very rewarding because it is a way for your to “pay it forward”. “Paying it forward” is the process of helping out three people without expecting anything in return. Then ask them to help out three people instead of paying you back. It’s a

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Before You Start Biz, Do Internship

BusinessWeek: It’s a terrific idea for aspiring entrepreneurs to work in the industry they’re targeting, whether they are college business majors or 50-year-old refugees from corporate careers. “You will learn about the industry supply chain, the key industry financial metrics, why customers buy certain products, and the competition’s products,” says Edward D. Hess, professor of

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Create Think Tank For Your Biz

Entrepreneur: As a business professional, you need a constant supply of information to achieve success. You must stay aware of trends and issues and keep up with rapid economic and technological changes to become and stay competitive. You may have already discovered that it’s next to impossible to keep up with all this information on

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