He’s Making A Gouda Livin’

Even though his product is available at every diner, deli and corner bodega, one New Yorker has found success selling grilled cheese on the black market. The underground chef takes orders by text message, cooks his sandwiches on the stove in his brother’s East Village apartment, and then meets his customers on street corners. “I

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Niche Biz: Pencil Sharpening

According to Fast Company, David Rees may well be the world’s first and only artisanal pencil sharpener. Yes, it’s real,” says David Rees of his budding pencil-sharpening business. “It’s as real as artisanal cheese-making or artisanal honey production or artisanal anything else that’s part of this movement.” Unlike his electric counterparts, Rees promises the “care

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Biz Idea: Chicken Diapers?

Ruth Haldeman moved to rural Hot Springs, Ark., in 2002 and promptly took in a couple of orphan chicks. She soon discovered chickens poop–a lot. According to Entrepreneur.com, in the interest of keeping her house relatively clean, Haldeman broke out her sewing machine and designed a roomy cloth diaper with a disposable liner. As time

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Four Wheels And Style To Burn

Entrepreneur reports that a new fleet of entrepreneurs are creating their own spin on the food-truck model some with seriously cool mobile retail. On weekends, one of the hippest places to shop in SoHo In New York sits at the corner of Broadway and Prince, with street artists to the west, trendy stores all around

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