Ben Franklin Gets Facelift

Benjamin Franklin still appears on the $100 bill, but he’s got a few new bells and whistles alongside him, reports The Washington Post. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke unveiled the redesigned C-note, which includes new security features designed to weed out counterfeit versions of the most copied piece

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Gift Certificate Wording

photo credit: psd It truly is amazing some of the things that customers will try to get away with in all kinds of situations. Take gift certificates for example. People automatically assume that these do not have any sort of expiration date on them (and some may not, but others do), or they try to

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Cash Is So Twentieth Century

While PayPal has been less and less relevant, thanks to competitors like Google Checkout and Amazon, they may just stage a comeback with an idea that’s cute and useful at the same time: a bump-triggered iPhone app, reports Fast Company. Bump Technologies, the company that makes the Bump iPhone app, provided the underlying tech for

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US Mint Rolls Out New Penny

Those of you who still use the penny as currency may soon notice America’s 1-cent coin has gotten a facelift, according to a story at MSN Money. The U.S. Mint has changed the design for the reverse — or “tails” — side of the 2010 Lincoln Cent, which entered circulation on Feb. 11 (everywhere but

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What Are You Worth?

If you’re having trouble finding investments for your business venture then you should appreciate the approach that James Layfield has taken to find financing. Filled with business ideas and frustrated at the lack of funds, James has decided to offer up 10% of himself to investors, reports the Business Standard. That 10% piece will cost

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$30 Million Spent On Virtual Gifts

Leena Rao over at TechCrunch asks should we be considering virtual goods when evaluating online holiday spending? We’ve seen that e-commerce spending over the holidays was strong, with consumers shelling out nearly $30 billion over a period of a few months. Now, virtual goods platform PlaySpan reports that digital goods have seen a similar, if

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