DigSin: Data-Driven Musical Hits

Tennesean: The former head of Yahoo Music and a one-time executive focused on programming strategy at CMT, Frank knows the power of data when it comes to identifying tomorrow’s hits (in any genre). His new company, DigSin, works on the simple principle that if a song resonates with audiences in the digital realm — measured […]

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FunkyDiva Business Opportunity

FunkyDiva is a digital jukebox, loaded with over 12,000 songs to suit all tastes of music. The company operates as a network of independent partners who run their own jukebox-for-hire business locally under the FunkyDiva brand. The customers who have hired a FunkyDiva from one of their local partners/distributors for their party were extremely happy

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The Musical Motivator

Sally Arnold plays classical music for her clients, while they work, to help unlock their minds and to encourage them to think differently. Mozart, Bach, Brahms and Schubert are helping Australian business leaders lift sales figures, develop new products and resolve problems in the workplace. And if it were up to entrepreneur Sally Arnold, who

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Niche Products: The Kavanjo

Taylor Swift was recently strumming one during a show at EnergySolutions Arena. It is the Kavanjo, a banjo that uses electronic pickups to help the sound carry above the drums and guitar, reports The Salt Lake Tribune. Kavanaugh devised a way to add electronic “pickups” — similar to the magnets in an electric guitar, which

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Selling Earplugs at Concerts

Hearing loss from exposure to loud music is a serious problem. One study from the University of Minnesota found that after a concert, 64% of the test subjects had significantly changed their ability to hear soft sounds, compared to 27% of the subjects who wore earplugs. With statistics like that, you think that selling earplugs

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Dead Rock Star Tours with Holograms

Cassandra Daily: The hottest act at last month’s Coachella wasn’t one of the young artists who found neon-painted festival fame through the blogosphere, but an iconic rap star resurrected from the grave. Debates about whether the stunt was imaginative or exploitative persist, but so stirring was Hologram Tupac’s performance that rumors of other dead rock

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