Musical Glasses

The glass harp is a musical instrument made of upright wine glasses. It is played by running moistened fingers around the rim of the glasses. Each glass is tuned to a different pitch by filling the glass with water until the desired pitch is achieved. If you’ve always wanted to play, here’s your chance: The […]

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Niche Biz: Jingle Punks

Like many aspiring rock stars, Jared Gutstadt, 32, used to split his life in half. He held down a day job editing television shows for clients like Disney, MTV and VH1. He kept his nights free for what he really wanted to do: make music, reports CNNMoney. That changed two years ago, while Gutstadt was

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3D Printed Unsmashable Guitars

What’s rock and roll without someone smashing their guitar at the end of the performance? If an inventor in New Zealand has his way, future guitars will be indestructible. These type of guitars could potentially be commonplace around the world. Oh yes, and they’ll be 3D printed to your exact specifications. The Guardian has more:

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FunkyDiva Business Opportunity

FunkyDiva is a digital jukebox, loaded with over 12,000 songs to suit all tastes of music. The company operates as a network of independent partners who run their own jukebox-for-hire business locally under the FunkyDiva brand. The customers who have hired a FunkyDiva from one of their local partners/distributors for their party were extremely happy

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The Musical Motivator

Sally Arnold plays classical music for her clients, while they work, to help unlock their minds and to encourage them to think differently. Mozart, Bach, Brahms and Schubert are helping Australian business leaders lift sales figures, develop new products and resolve problems in the workplace. And if it were up to entrepreneur Sally Arnold, who

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Holographic Elvis Coming Soon

Hollywood Reporter: Elvis Presley is still dead, but he’s making some comeback performances soon. Digital Domain Media Group, creator of the “holographic” Tupac Shakur at Coachella, has announced an exclusive deal with the Core Media Group to jointly produce a series of “virtual” Elvis likenesses for a range of entertainment projects. According to Digital Domain,

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