Music Festival Day Care

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, or see one on TV, you know that people who their children to these muddy affairs sometimes end up struggling. Twenty-four hours of music might be fun, but with a toddler, it’s easy to turn into a nightmare. British nanny Selina Cope saw this as an opportunity

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Startups Are Like Rock Bands

Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Williams are now household names, and in many ways, these entrepreneurs are like rock stars in the startup world. In fact, the journey of an entrepreneur through the startup experience is a lot like that of a musician seeking stardom and millions of adoring fans, and artist Shane Snow has a

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Music With Grandpa

Steve Downing is “Grandpa”, as in Music with Grandpa, a new classical music education business opportunity. I recently had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. What is Music With Grandpa? I created the Music with Grandpa game in 2003 to help my granddaughters, of which I had four at the time. I still

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