Debunking SBA Loan Myths

The Wall Street Journal has pulled together a few myths people believe about SBA loans, and the real truth behind them. The SBA only lends to people in dire need. It’s common to hear the SBA described as a “lender of last resort.” In some ways, there’s good reason for this: The agency’s Office of […]

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Business Plan Myths

photo credit: ottonassar As the pace of change quickens and business planning becomes more vital, untruths and mythology about the subject keep coming up. I’d like to clear them up. When people in business tell you that investors don’t read your business plan, this is about the biggest myth out there! Not only do

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Myths About Marketing

photo credit: Eddi 07 With marketing becoming such a huge part of business more and more everyday, and the number of different ways to market your business today via traditional marketing, online marketing and more it is no wonder that there are some ideas floating around that have people confused over marketing concepts and strategies.

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Franchise Ownership Myths

photo credit: NNECAPA We hear all kinds of tales and stories regarding everything in life, and it is no different when it comes to owning a business or buying a franchise, you will hear all kinds of tales and myths regarding this issue. I have compiled a list of myths below related to owning a

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Five Myths About Entrepreneurs

Donald F. Kuratko at Many myths have arisen about entrepreneurs. These ideas are the result of a lack of research and understanding. As many researchers in the field have noted, the study of entrepreneurship is still emerging, and thus “folklore” will tend to prevail until it is dispelled with contemporary research findings. Myth 1:

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