Urns, Urns, Urns

One of my favorite parts of running this blog are the great emails I get from all over. I just got this one: Dear Sirs, I would like to inform you that we are the best manufacturer and exporter of brass casting and brass sheet pet, funeral, cremation and memorial design urns, cremation jewelry in […]

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Cool Biz: Vinyl Record Clocks

The invention and application of the digital players marks that mankind has entered the Digital Age, during which period people seldom use vinyl records or CD players. But we never forget them, and designer Pavel Sidorenko has applied the clock idea to vinyl records, creating several clocks of various shapes. has a look at

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BallStars is a sports-affiliated business that uses a proprietary technology to reproduce full color images on sports paraphernalia, such as baseballs, soccer balls, baseballs, hockey pucks, volleyballs, and footballs. In addition to the sports balls, the photographs can also be applied to other curved surfaces and materials. Licensing a BallStars business offers plenty of opportunities

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Their Biz Is Cleaning Up

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Dan Reynolds didn’t set out to become an entrepreneur. Instead, the full-time firefighter and former commercial truck salesman from suburban Chicago wanted to hire on with a big crime-scene cleanup company. But when he was treated rudely during his interview in early 2007, he vowed to found his own company as

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Interchangeable ZIPZ Shoes

While many start-up companies start locally and grow into international markets, a small start-up company called ZIPZ Shoes did just the opposite. Facing a tough U.S. economy, ZIPZ immediately focused their energy abroad to widen the sales area for product launch. This two-prong approach has really proved to be successful as their unique interchangeable shoe

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Niche Biz: SpareFoot

Chuck Gordon, then an art student at UCLA, balked at the thousands of dollars he would have to pay to store his belongings while spending a semester in Singapore two years ago. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, he ended up stowing his stuff in friends’ homes and garages. Gordon thought plenty of people with extra space

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Officials Promote Niche Tourism

2 According to The Billings Gazette, some state officials are convinced that there are riches in the niches for many overlooked Wyoming tourist spots if promoters can attract “rut nuts” and “culture vultures.” Cultural tourism is niche tourism, but they will come if they have something that is promoted for them to come and see,”

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Selling Fake Oil Spill Souvenirs

Jeffrey and David Shiffman are consummate entrepreneurs, attempting to make money off of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They’ve turned their bathtub into a chemistry lab and are making and bottling “Oil Spill Water” to sell on their website Originally, they were using the actual polluted water from the

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