A Wrap for That

TechCrunch: The iPhone 4 hasn’t even been out a week and already has popped up to make vinyl skins that wrap around the perimeter of the device. Why would anyone want that? Because of the iPhone 4 antenna issues – the so-called “Death Grip” problem.

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Aim For The Doughnut Hole

According to a story at Reuters, targeting a very specific audience makes marketing that much easier, said Michael Philibrick, a director of wealth management and associate portfolio manager at Richardson GMP, who mainly deals with dental professionals. People talk about niches,” he said. “‘Oh, I deal with this or that,’ but you’ve really got to

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Urawaza To The Rescue

Behind the cash register at Smoke Shop No. 2 in downtown San Francisco, Sam Azar swipes a customer’s credit card to ring up cigarettes. The store’s card reader fails to scan the card’s magnetic strip. Azar swipes again, and again. No luck. As customers begin to queue, he reaches beneath the counter for a black

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More Wacky Inventions

Bar Sound Bubble What a bubbleheaded idea. A college student in Scotland came up with a solution for chatty pub patrons who can’t hear their friends – the sound bubble. It’s a clear plastic helmet that covers everything but the ears and mouth from the neck up and eliminates background noise. Handerpants Fingerless Gloves If

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Psssst. Wanna Buy A TV Station?

According to, Paul Engle and Barbara Ciric have run WPSJ, their low-power television station near Philadelphia, since 1986. Low-power television, or LPTV, stations tend not to be carried on cable or satellite networks but are available to viewers who choose to hook their TVs up to antennas or rabbit ears. These stations’ livelihood is

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Niche: Survivalism Means Business

PROFIT Magazine: The previous decade saw its share of disasters and near misses: Y2K, 9/11, the South Asian tsunami, the Northeast Blackout of 2003, Hurricane Katrina. And if the forces of terrorists, tectonics and power grids weren’t enough, the global economic meltdown sealed 2000s’ fate as one of the most disaster-prone decades in recent memory.

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How To Sell Socks

Samuel “Samy” Liechti took his first job out of college with an ad agency. He’s asked to attend an unexpected business dinner with Japanese partners. After dinner, the group moves to a Japanese tea house where, following tradition, everyone removes their shoes. Samy looks down, and not only does he realize he has two different

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