Biz Resource: Free Coffee Cups

Stuff Daily: Based in Washington DC, is a marketing firm specializing in non—traditional advertising solutions. The firm specializes in handheld branding in the office — ensuring office workers see, touch, and hold advertising messages throughout the day in the workplace. Whether a company spends $100 a month or $100,000 a month on disposable cups

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Legal Way to Print Money

The Sacramento Bee says there is a legal way to print money: start typing in a skinnier font. Narrower fonts require less ink, which means you’ll have to replace your pricey ink cartridges less often. Administrators at the University of Wisconsin recently switched the school’s email system to Century Gothic, a move that is expected

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Starting a Biz in Mini Storage

Do you need cheap office space? Does your business not really need a main-street storefront? In this inspiring article in Honolulu Magazine, you’ll read about a number of small business entrepreneurs who run their businesses out of storage units. Examples of businesses run out of storage units in the article include: a personal trainer, a

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Thinking Inside The BizBox

Most entrepreneurs try to think outside the box. Charles Sidi did the exact opposite when he created his business, BizBox, reports [The BizBox is] a mobile, solar building with glass walls, display panels and a wraparound deck that can be set up in about 20 minutes. The steel-frame units can be used as portable

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The Road To Office Health

Bryan Van Noy’s journey started after he lost his job. At first he was frustrated, then he decided to start a business. Van Noy’s startup is fighting office sloth by promoting unorthodox activities such as lunges en route to the restroom and hula-hoops in the halls. It relies on a social media platform that encourages

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