Building A Better Lawn

Fox News: It sounds too good to be true, but Madnick may have grown a better lawn. After more than ten years of experimenting with thousands of seeds, he cultivated Pearl’s Premium — a specific mix of red fescue, tall fescue, sheep fescue and other grasses. When combined in special proportions adjusted for sun, shade […]

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A New Take On The Beach Towel

Spring is almost over and summer is approaching fast. If it is already warm enough where you are, you’ve probably hit the beach already. If not, Shelly Ehler hopes you’ll take her unique towel along before you go. Shelly has taken a normal bath/beach towel and cut out head space. Instead of wrapping yourself up,

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The Underwater Scooter

Why drive on land when you can use a scooter underwater? Andrew Sneath has designed a unique scooter that can take its riders on a drive down under the water instead of above it reports Digital Spy. The scooter, called the HydroBOB, is extremely easy to handle and only requires a short 10-minute session to

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A Modern Day Gold Rush

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that fear of financial collapse has enhanced gold’s glitter, with prices soaring more than 300 percent the past decade, including 30 percent just in the last 12 months. And just as strong U.S. real estate prices a few years ago created a burgeoning ecosystem of entrepreneurs exploiting that bubble, gold’s surge has

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IronDrive Coatings

Looking for an inexpensive service franchise to run out of your home? Enjoy dealing with the public and working outdoors? In business since 1992, IronDrive Coatings provides quality installation of garage floor, driveway, walkway and pool deck coatings. The company’s innovative epoxy garage floor coating system is easy to apply and takes one third of

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