Sourcing Products from China

DynamicBusiness, an Australian website for entreprenuers, has shared their top ten tips when outsourcing product creation to China: Make sure your requirements / specifications are spot on, clear, concise, understandable and agreed upon. This includes product specifications right down to packaging and shipping specifications. If sourcing from various suppliers, try and cluster your supply chain

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Apps: Job Outsourcing In Realtime

Business Insider: Justin Kan already has quite the track record. His second [business], Justin.tv, has turned into a runaway success since rebranding to Twitch.tv. Its traffic has doubled in the past six months. It now has more than 16 million unique visitors every month. Now he’s leaving that startup to work on a completely new

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Website Let’s People Pay Someone Else to Do Their Chores

WSJ: A new crop of websites and smartphone applications are allowing people to farm out chores to a growing army of temporary personal assistants. These micro-employees are taking the division of labor to once-unthinkable extremes. One recent advertisement on TaskRabbit sought someone to play a joke on a friend who’s a customer-service representative. “It’s his

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