Where to Find a Business Partner

You have a great idea for a business. You’ve tested it, maybe even sold a few items and now want to take it to the next level. Maybe you need some funding, a technical expert or you just need someone to run the business-side while you generate growth ideas.

No matter your entrepreneurial situation, there will come a time when you discover that you can’t do it all alone. When you get to that juncture, you have two options:

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Opportunity Missed

Netflix to Blockbuster: told you so. In 2000, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings flew down to Dallas to meet with then Blockbuster CEO John Antioco. The two were supposed to discuss a partnership, CNET reports, but Antioco didn’t let the discussion go on very long. Here’s how Netflix CFO Barry McCarthy remembers it: “Reed had the

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Buddy Up And Cash In

Looking to reduce marketing and advertising expenses in these tough times? The Wall Street Journal suggests partnering up with bigger-named companies that can integrate your products in ad campaigns of their own. Take Mountain News Corp., which tracks snow conditions for ski mountains through its website. The company received a dramatic spike in exposure (a

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Inventors Can Partner To Win

It takes more than just ingenuity to get a product onto retailers’ shelves and into the homes of millions of American consumers. It takes money, marketing and distribution–and most inventors don’t have any of these things. Michael Weinstein is an entrepreneur and internet marketer who runs the Internet division of Lipenwald Inc., a 60-person direct-response

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Business Partner NOT Wanted

When Bibby Gignilliat started her first company, Gourmet Gatherings, she instinctively wanted to do it alone. Still, she had doubts. And so she paired up with a friend from school who seemed to have complementary skills. Later, the two took on another partner because she had business experience – and a Harvard MBA. And that’s

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Two Are Better Than One

Like peanut butter and chocolate, many different services from very different business go well together. Could you team up with another entrepreneur, like the two women in this story and combine your products into something completely new? Daily Commercial: Mud pies and pizza pies — two things kids love to get their hands on. Throw

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Finding The Right Biz Partner

Tech entrepreneur Neil Patel shares some advice on his blog, QuickSprout, about the benefits of having a business partner, and how to find the right one. Patel, who admits he’s been through his share of partnerships, warns that the union can be as tumultuous as a marriage and recommends setting expectations for each partner on

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Cards That Will Do All Of The ‘Butting In’ For You

While you don’t necessarily need to be a ‘Butinski’ to tell someone you care, it doesn’t hurt either. Like many great businesses before now, Butinski Designs was born out of experience. Before becoming business partners Lisa and Michele became cancer survivors. Inspired by their personal experience, they’ve created a line of inspirational cards and gifts

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Ready To Make That Deal?

photo credit: Aidan Jones Now that you have taken all of the necessary steps in achieving your ultimate goal in business and you’re ready to sign off on that big deal you’ve been going after, there are a few last minute things you should think about and remember before signing the final paperwork. Remember a

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