Just Give It Away

Mario P. DiForte, an inventor, is battling heart problems so he has decided to give away some of his patents. Of course, he isn’t handing them off to just anyone reports The Baltimore Sun. The catch: DiForte says he will hand over patents, including pending and provisional ones, on 22 products to “legitimate” companies only […]

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Could Morse Patent The Internet?

Samuel Morse may have come long before the invention of the Internet, but that didn’t stop him from trying to patent the basic idea behind it, reports The Wall Street Journal. This would have been a patent for all uses of the telegraph—and would also have included the Internet. The 19th-century justices refused to block

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What is a Provisional Patent

Jon Muskin, writing on Inventor Digest, explains that there’s no such thing as a provisional patent, and other mistakes contests make on Shark Tank: Contestants frequently make the same mistake which annoys me every time. The sharks commonly ask the contestants whether they have a patent on their invention. The contestant frequently replies with, “I

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When Patents Fail

According to Fox News in Chicago, this is a disappointing story about a man named Keith Taylor. After all, he had done everything right. Keith had invented a unique turning signal back in the 80s. He patented that device, sought out a supplier, got paid, and got out. When the supplier went defunct, Keith lost

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More Wacky Patents

Toe Puppets Next show after my pedicure. Anti-Eating Mask You only eat fava beans and a nice Chianta. Device For Moistening The Adhesive Coating On Postage Stamps And Envelopes I got no spit. Apparatus For Facilitating The Birth Of A Child By Centrifugal Force Mom, tell me again how I was born… Photos by USPTO.

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Video: The First Software Patent

‘Inventors’ is a series of portrait videos by filmmaker and photographer David Friedman, chronicling the work of contemporary inventors from all walks of life. It offers rare glimpses into the inspiration for their creations, which range from the first digital camera and first video game console to a drive-able amphibious ice-fishing vehicle. In this episode:

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