NYC’s Pet Chauffeur

NY Times: Fifteen years ago, Mr. Lang noticed that the subway system’s vast ridership included few dogs. Passengers can bring small pets on board in carrying cases, but owners of larger dogs cannot travel with their pets by subway, bus or taxi. Sensing he could fill a void, he founded Pet Chauffeur, a taxi service

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Plastic Surgery for Pets?

UK Telegraph: The trend for cosmetic surgery on pets started in the US, where all kinds of treatments have been devised for animals. Chin-lifts among dogs became popular in the 1990s in order to curb excessive drooling. In the mid-1980s ‘Neuticles’ were invented; testicular implants that were designed to give neutered pets a more masculine

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Cleaning Up After Cats!

WSJ: DoodyCalls, which launched in 2000 and began franchising four years later, originally marketed itself as a service for cleaning up after dogs. But in recent years, the company’s 35 franchisees have been increasingly getting requests from consumers for help with washing and sanitizing litter boxes, says Jacob D’Aniello, co-founder and president of the Charlottesville,

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Wacky Pet Patents

Some pet owners don’t want to show their babies off to the world though and would rather throw them in a backpack. For these “animal lovers,” this specialty back pack pet carrier is a godsend, as it allows the animal just enough air to breathe and limits their ability to harm the user through the

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Cat In The App

According to The Gary Post Tribune, Jeff Will, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Valparaiso University, came up with the “Here Kitty, Kitty” app, for sale at iTunes for 99 cents, which plays sound that cats might find so appealing they come out from under the couch. He figured if cats came

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