A New Breed Of Picture Business

In the late 90s it was companies like Shutterfly that ruled the Internet photo industry. Today it is services like Photobucket, Flicr, or Picasa that seem to be taking up the biggest chunk. According to Bloomburg Businessweek, a new company, Instagram, is beginning to get the attention of the people now. With their iPhone app, […]

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Throwable Panoramic Camera

Jonas Pfeil: We present a throwable panoramic camera that solves these problems. The camera is thrown into the air and captures an image at the highest point of flight – when it is hardly moving. The camera takes full spherical panoramas, requires no preparation and images are taken instantaneously. It can capture scenes with many

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Rethinking School Photos

Let’s face it, school portraits are boring. Flat and dull. The WSJ has taken a a look at the industry and discovered some new companies trying to revitalize it. Kelsey and Dennis Kleiman of Brooklyn, N.Y., were underwhelmed by their daughter’s school pictures. So Mr. Kleiman, a professional photographer, volunteered to take less-stilted portraits of

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Photographer Turns Tutu-Maker

The Post-Journal: Making an additional prop for photos has turned into a second business for a Jamestown photographer. Michelle Clark started her business, SmileMAC Photography, two years ago. Mrs. Clark said photography is a passion she has had for many years. However, in preparing photo sessions for little girls, Mrs. Clark has found a second

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New Twist On A Tradition

According to The Tampa Tribune, that hefty leather-bound, gold-edged wedding photo album is getting some new competition, the iPad. In addition to offering a traditional album, a growing number of wedding photographers are starting to sell Apple iPad computer tablets, pre-loaded with hundreds of photos and video of the couple’s engagement, wedding and reception —

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Niche Biz: Photo Booth

Photo Booths are quickly becoming the “must have” feature of any successful wedding, party or other event, providing not only great fun for guests but also lasting memories for both your customer; the party host, and their guests. Until June last year, Marie Mason an administrator for a local bailiff’s office in the West Midlands,

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Bullet Time Photo Business

Have you ever wondered, what you would do, if you could stop the time and fly? Paulig Brazil — a Finnish coffee brand — built a never before seen set-up, called “Brazil Linko”, to stop the time and see, what people really would do. Brazil Linko uses 38 digital cameras to capture a stunt (jump,

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Luxury Photo Booths in France

When you think of photo booths, you think of young lovers kissing under the harsh flash, or passport photos, or kids making silly faces, but what you don’t think is luxury. Harcourt, is a famous Parisian photographic studio. At Cannes, last year, they introduced their first luxury photo booth. For 10 euros the machine creates

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